AZShop Shipping Policy

Full payment of the online products must be received via our secure payment gateway. Only after the payment is successful,we will proceed to fulfill your order. If the customer has not received ordered products at the given time, please contact us at: support@egloballinks.com or (+84)938-955-205 (via WhatsApp, Zalo) or (+84)1900-638-549 (within Vietnam). You will need to provide information as soon as possible regarding their order to allow us to rectify the issue. 

Delivery Notification

Upon dispatch of the order you will receive both an address and a tracking number to track the order till arriving at your doorstep. 

Most orders are delivered following as schedule arrangement. In the event of any delay by other parties, we will notify you.

The current mission for AZShop, is to serve customers in the best services. However we do intend to expand our reach to other countries in due time. 

Status Quo Of The Delivery Process

All deliveries made are done via Parcel Force. If you are not available to receive the order from Parcel Force at any time. Instead, they will give you a card with instructions on how to contact them and schedule a new delivery time. They don't leave packages unattended without signatures as a matter of policy.

If the items are returned to us for any reason, such as an erroneous address or an incorrect item, we will refund your money. We will send you an email as soon as possible on this matter. You will be allowed to pick between two options: re-dispatching the items or canceling the order entirely. It's worth noting that if the order was defective owing to the consumer's error, we have the right to deduct the amount of the refund due to shipping fees. 

As rare as they are, it is a possibility that the shipping is delayed by a day or greater. We will do everything in our power to make sure that the order is labeled as urgent and will be delivered by the next day. (Despite the rarity, there is a risk that shipping will be delayed by one or more days. We will make every effort to have the order tagged as urgent and delivered the next business day.)

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