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Alpenliebe Mango With Chilli Salt Candy 223g

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The candy is an unique combination between the sweet and sour taste of mango with the spicy taste of salt and chili, melting right from the tip of the tongue, delicious and irresistible. Truly undeniably delicious.

The product is packed into many compact pack, which can be taken with you when going out. And share easily with friends and family.

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, chili salt seasoning powder (sugar, maltodextrin, salt, chili powder, starch, acidity regulator, natural flavoring, anticaking agent, artificial sweetener, natural mango flavoring, synthetic colorants. 

Nutrition: -

Allergy Advice: -

Product Details

Country of Origin Italy-Vietnam 
PreparationEat directly
Storage Keep away from direct sunlight