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Brown Rice Tea With Soursop 200g - Gufoods

270,000.00 đ
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Origin: Vietnam

IngredientsBrown Rice, Green Bean, Dried Soursop, Red Bean, Sliced Red Apples, Stevia, Wolfberry

About this item:

The taste of forest bitter melon with the mild aroma of brown rice and black beans and the light sweetness of herbs brings a refreshing feeling.

- Brown rice contains grains that are rich in nutrients such as: starch, protein, B vitamins, fiber, fat and calcium. These are good for people with diabetes, gout and heart disease.

- Black beans are the food offering many health benefits thanks to high fiber content. They help to keep weight at bay effectively.

- 100% natural ingredients and no addictives/preservatives

- Highly recommended for clean eating and weight loss

- The product has mildly sweet taste which is suitable for every consumer.

- Liver detoxification, improved sleep, strengthening bones and teeth, reducing stress also are amazing benefits which this product brings to. 

Usage Instructions

- Put 10g of tea into 1L of hot water for 10 minutes then ready to serve

Net weight: 200g

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