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C'est Bon Cream Cheese Sauce Shredded Chicken Sponge Cake 223g

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C'est Bon now has a creamy cheese sauce inside, combined with the chewy chicken sponge cake. The C’est Bon Lava Cheese is nutritious, provides 20% more calcium for the body's daily needs.

Ingredients: Eggs (25%), flour, sugar, vegetable oil, shredded chicken 5.1% - fresh chicken breast meat, sugar, flavor enhancer (621, 627, 631) fish sauce, water soy sauce, iodized salt - glucose syrup, emulsifier, egg white powder, food alcohol, humectant, isomaltose oligo syrup, stabilizer, iodized salt, yeast extract powder, butter, synthetic flavor compound, foaming agent, acidity regulator, iron, anti-caking agent, carrier.

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Allergy Advice

May Contain Eggs 

Product Details

Country of Origin South Korea
PreparationEat directly
StorageKeep away from sunlight