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C'est Bon Lava Egg Cream Shredded Chicken Sponge Cake 162.4g

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C'est Bon breakfast cake is now available with delicious and trendy salted egg yolk lava cream sauce, mixed with savory chicken floss sponge cake, which is chewy and salty.

This hot chicken floss sponge cake with cream sauce is very popular in the Asian market and is also rich in nutrition, providing an additional 20% of daily calcium intake for the body.

Ingredients: 21% egg, wheat flour, sugar, vegetable fat, 2.9% chicken floss/shredded chicken meat, maltodextrin, glucose syrup, emulsifier, egg white powder, whole milk powder, food alcohol, humectant, maltodextrin, whey powder, iodized salt, stabilizer, 0.3% salted egg powder, butter, milk powder, synthetic flavor, yeast extract, raising agent, acidity regulator, flour treatment agent, coloring agent, natural butter flavoring.

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Allergy Advice

May Contain Eggs

Product Details

Country of Origin Korea
PreparationEat directly
StorageKeep away from direct sunlight