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Cộng Iced Milk Coffee Set

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Origin: Vietnam

* Cộng Coffee:

Ingredients100% Robusta Coffee

About this item

- This product is for those who are deeply into strong authentic coffee.

- Highly recommended to enjoy it in the tradional Vietnamese way.

- A perfect gift for your beloved ones and friends in special events.

Usage Instructions:

- Step 1: Put 15-20g of coffee into the 1/3 filter, then shake well

- Step 2: Use the press firmly to let the coffee not be too light.

- Step 3: Pour water to fill up the filter and put it on a cup.

- Step 4: Steep the coffee with filter cover on, then remove it after 15s.

- Step 5: Pour more hot water in circle motion from the middle to the outside.

- Step 6: Please wait until the filtering process is done and it's ready to serve.

Net weight: 500g  

* Cộng Condensed Milk:

Origin: Vietnam 

Ingredients: 47% Sugar, Water, Vegetable Oil, Whey Powder, Maltodextrin, Lactoza, Salt, Food Flavourings

About this item: 

- The product contains healthy fat and nutritions which are beneficial to our immune and digestive system.

- A perfect ingredients to make flans, cakes, drinks, yogurt,... especially coffee. 

Usage Instructions: After having coffee filtered into a cup, pour condensed milk as much as desired. Please put some ice in to have the best taste.

Net weight: 1000g

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