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Dried Apricot Salt 250g

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Spice up your regular meals with a sprinkle of dry apricot salt on your family's favorite dishes!

You can use dried apricot salt with fruits, seafood, or as a tasty marinade. Not only does this flavorful salt make your food taste amazing, but it also packs a healthy punch.

Dried apricot salt is bursting with vitamin C and other antioxidant goodness. So go ahead and add a little sweetness and zest to your life with dried apricot salt. 

IngredientsSea salt, Salted dried apricot, Chili, Sugar.

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Product Details

Country of Origin Vietnam 
Preparation Best with fruits. 
Can be used directly or as a rub with grilled dishes such as seafood, pork, chicken without adding any other spices.
Storage Once opened, keep in fridge.