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I-Soup Vietnamese Vegan Purple Sweet Potato Soup - Freeze Drying Soup Cubes 55g

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Purple Sweet Potato Soup cooked with shrimp has an attractive aroma, eye-catching purple color, and a rich flavor that will make your meal more interesting and exotic. With the characteristic-rich and fatty taste of purple sweet potato and a hint of strong fragrance from pepper and cilantro, a bowl of pork fat soup gently enters the minds of diners. I-soup has introduced a new product: Purple Sweet Potato Soup - Freeze Drying Soup Cubes, with five compressed cubes per pack, providing convenience for you and your family.

Ingredients: Purple Sweet Potato (60%), Salt, Cornstarch...

Nutrition: -

Allergy Advice: -

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Take the soup cube out of the packaging and pour it into a bowl.

Add 150ml of boiling water to the bowl.

After 3 minutes, stir well and enjoy while hot.

Keep in a dry and cool place.
Avoid direct sunlight.