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Quoc Vinh's Scorched Rice Topped With Pork Floss FAMILY PACK 500g

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Scorched rice has been around for over 100 years. It is rumored that during the time France invaded Vietnam, the man named Dinh Hoang Thang created this dish from the experiences he learnt when working in a well-known Chinese restaurant. After decades, scorched rice has become one of the indespensible snacks for all ages in Vietnam. Tasty meat floss intertwined with crunchiness in the product make the scorched rice taste better than ever. 

Ingredients: Glutinious Rice, Pork, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Chilli (Medium Spicy / Hot Spicy Flavours). 

Nutrition: per 100g. 

Energy 531kcal 
Carbohydrates 57.4% 
Fiber 2.87% 
Fat 29.1% 
Protein 9.75% 
Sugar 5.73% 
Calcium 11mg
Natri 471mg 

Allergy Advice: - 

Product Details

Country of OriginVietnam
Preparation Eat directly 
Storage Keep away from direct sunlight