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Rum Sai Gon's Scorched Rice Topped With Dried Chicken & Lemon Leaves 500g

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You didn't read it wrong... It's "Dried chicken with lime leaves". The snack that young Vietnamese people having hunted for a while is still very trendy owing to its irresistiblity. 

What matters here? Rum Sai Gon has introduced this new product which combines dried chicken w lime leaves, cheese and scorched rice to their fans. The natural sweetness of chicken and the aroma of lime leaves offer a balance to cheese's saltiness. It's unbelievable now that your 2 favourite snacks interwined in 1. Don't miss it!

Ingredients: Glutinious Rice, Dried Chicken, Dried Lime Leaves, Vegetable Oil, Salt.

Nutrition: -

Allergy Advice: -

Product Details

Country of Origin Vietnam 
PreparationEat directly
Storage Keep away from sunlight