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Mơ Dẻo Chùa Hương Hồng Lam (300g x 4)

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Origin: Vietnam

Ingredients: Dried Apricot, Sugar, Salt, Ginger

About this item: 

- Relieve the symptoms of car sick and coughing.

- A healthy snack for all ages.

- Ginger may assist in regulating body temperature and fighting off chronic diseases like: lung and heart-related ones, high blood pressure,...

- This product is a perfect gift choice to Vietnamese people living abroad and foreign friends.

Usage InstructionsReady-to-use. Please consume the product within a month after opening. 

Net weight: 300g x 4

Quantity: 4 jars

Please kindly note that the expected delivery time for this product will be standard shipping + 3-5 days.

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