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An Nhi Respiratory System Supporting Liquid - Da Thao Lien

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Origin: Vietnam

Ingredients: Mint, Betel (Trầu Không), Fish Mint (Diếp Cá), Perrilla (Tía Tô), Ginger, Clove (Đinh Hương), Homalomena Occuta (Thiên Niên Kiện)


- Regulate the temperature; prevent respiratory infection and relieve stuffy nose and phlegms

- Reduce cough and throat soreness

How to use

- Take 1 drop of liquid into one finger, then put right in front of your nose and take a deep breath to relieve stuffy nose.

- Take 1 drop of liquid to massage your throat for 3-5 minutes to allow it fully absorbed.

- Take 1 drop of liquid to massage feet palm then wear socks to keep feet warm.

- Apply 1 drop onto baby shirt neck or masks to relieve the symtomps faster.

Net weight: 5ml and 20ml


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